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“The spies in history who can say from their graves, the infomation I supplied to my masters, for better or worse, altered the history of our planet, can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Richard Sorge was in that group.”

Frederick Forsyth


Master Spies


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Yardley, Herbert








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Master Spies

Carl Lody - Master Spy

Carl (Karl) Lody

Born in 1879 in Berlin, Germany.

Served in the German Navy, rising to the rank of lieutenant before retiring. Took a job as guide on a Hamburg-America ocean liner, taking the rich on cruises around the world. Left the cruise at the brink of World War I, moving to Berlin and volunteering for service in the German Navy but was sent to German Naval Intelligence, because of his ability to speak english. Was sent to England to spy on the British fleet.and provide an assessment of its size and battle-worthiness. Lody was promised that this mission would be a one-time event, after which he was free to return to his job on the cruise lines, having fully satisfied his duty to his country.Was trained in espionage and sent to Norway under the name "Charles Inglis." He continued on to Scotland in 1914 and monitored the British fleet there, counting the number of warships and estimating their military value.


Because of poor training, failed to take the most simple precautions to conceal his intentions and was therefore monitored by British MI5 agents. His mail was intercepted and he was followed by for almost a week before he realized it, at which point he immediately fled Scotland and returned to London, England. In London, he once again made blunders in seeking information. He approached people at military installations and bluntly asked them questions that would unquestionably draw suspicions. Having drawn an inordinate amount of attention to himself while scouting out British military installations, Lody moved on again, returning to Scotland.


Carl LodyTraveling around the British territories, he continued gathering information, sketching buildings and machinery and assessing troop readiness. Eventually he returned to England, whereupon he was arrested and court-martialed. Confined in the Tower of London, he was found guilty of spying and sentenced to death. On November 6, 1914, Lody was executed by a firing squad at the Tower of London.
















































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