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“How, where and when I became a member of the Soviet intelligence is a matter for myself and my comrades.”

Kim Philby


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Interpol Most Wanted

Sidney Reilly

#1 Sidney Reilly

Kim Philby

#2 Kim Philby

Aldrich Ames

#3 Aldrich Ames


Rudolf Abel

#4 Rudolf Abel


Mata Hari

#5 Mata Hari

Robert Hanssen

#6 Robert Hanssen

Julius Rosenberg

#7 Julius Rosenberg


Richard Sorge

#8 Richard Sorge

John Walker

#9 John Walker


Abel, Rudolf
Notorious Soviet Cold War spy.


Fuchs, Klaus
German-born British theoretical physicist and atomic spy.


Pelton, Ronald
American spy convictedof passing NSA secrets to teh KGB.


Aldrich AmesAmes, Aldrich
CIA counter-intelligence officer convicted of spying for the Soviet Union


Igor GouzenkoGouzenko, Igor
Soviet cipher clerk who defected to Canada, turning over Soviet secrets.


Oleg PenkovskyPenkovsky, Oleg
Soviet colonel who exposed the existence of Soviet missiles in Cuba.


James AngletonAngleton, James
Head of CIA counter-intelligence and noted mole-hunter.


Granville, Christine
Polish-born BritishSOE known for her daring exploits in intelligence and sabotage missions.


Kim PhilbyPhilby, Kim
High-ranking member of British intelligence offical who worked as a spy for the Soviet Union.


Josephine BakerBaker, Josephine
American-born entertainer who spied for France against the Nazis.


Ted HallHall, Ted
American physicist and an atomic spy for the Soviet Union


Jonathan PollardPollard, Jonathan
American Naval Intelligence analyst who spied for Israel.


Laventry BeriaBeria, Lavrentiy
Chief of the NKVD and the head of the great Soviet purge.


Robert HanssenHanssen, Robert
American FBI agent who passed information to Soviet intelligence.


Sandor RadoRado, Sandor
Hungarian cartographer who spied on the Nazis for the Soviet Union.


George BlakeBlake, George
British spy who worked as a double-agent for the Soviet Union.


Mata HariHari, Mata
A Dutch exotic dancer who worked as a double-agent for France and Germany.


Alfred RedlRedl, Alfred
Austrian head of counter-intelligence blackmailed by Russia into passing secrets.


Anthony BluntBlunt, Anthony
Noted British art historian who acted as a Soviet recruitor.


Alger HissHiss, Alger
U.S. State Department official accused of espionage.


Sidney ReillyReilly, Sidney
Russian-born British spyknown for his daring exploits.


John CairncrossCairncross, John
British intelligence officer who passed secrets to the Soviet union.


Roger HollisHollis, Roger
Director General of MI5 who was later accused of being a Soviet agent.


Marthe RicherRicher, Marthe
A former prostitute who spied for France against Germany.


Whittaker ChambersChambers, Whittaker
American-born Soviet spy who exposed Alger Hiss as a spy.


Noor Inayat KhanInayat Khan, Noor
British SOE agent who worked with the French Resistance.


Roessler, Rudolf
Head of a Soviet espionage ring that spied on Germany.


Morris ChildsChilds, Morris
An America-born Soviet spy who later became a double agent working for the United States.


Vernon KellKell, Vernon
First Director General of the British Security Service (MI5).


Ethel RosenbergRosenberg, Ethel
American communist executed for espionage against the United States.


Morris Two Gun CohenCohen, Morris "Two-Gun"
London-born adventurer who arranged counter-intelligence for China.


Ruth KuczynskiKuczynski, Ruth
German-born Soviet spy who operated a spy ring in China.


Julius RosenbergRosenberg, Julius
American-born Soviet recruiter and atomic spy.


Judith CoplonCoplon, Judith
American-born Soviet agent who passed information about American counter-intelligence.


Carl LodyLody, Carl
German soldier who spied on England during World War I.


Agnes SmedleySmedley, Agnes
American journalist who spied for Russia against Japan.


Lionel "Buster" CrabbCrabb, Lionel "Buster"
British Royal Navy diver assigned to missions against the Soviet Union.


Clayton LonetreeLonetree, Clayton
A United States Marine coerced into passing secrets to the Soviet Union.


Richard SorgeSorge, Richard
Soviet master spywho ran a spy ring against Japan.


Velvalee DickinsonDickinson, Velvalee
American businesswoman who passed U.S. Naal secrets to the Japanese.


Gordon LonsdaleLonsdale, Gordon
Soviet intelligence officer who headed a spy ring in the U.S.


Violette SzaboSzabo, Violette
Frenc-born SOE operative who reconstituted a French Resistence network.


Nelson DrummondDrummond, Nelson
U.S. Naval clerk coerced into turning over secret documents to the Soviets.


Donald MacleanMaclean, Donald
British diplomat who became a spy for the Soviet Union.


Franz Von PapenVon Papen, Franz
German spymaster assigned to disrupt U.S. - British communications.


Paul DukesDukes, Paul
MI6 officer assigned to spy on Russia utilizing assorted disguises.


Allan MayMay, Allan
British physicist who passed atomic secrets to the Soviet Union.


John WalkerWalker, John
U.S. military communications specialist who created a spy ring to pass intelligence to the Soviets.


Feliks DzerzhinskyDzerzhinsky, Feliks
Head of the Bolshevik Secret Police, the CHEKA.


Hans OsterOster, Hans
German Army general who built a resistence organization against the Nazis.


Herbert YardleyYardley, Herbert
American cryptologist who wrote the expose "The American Black Chamber."

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